Day to Night

17 Jun 2016 Permalink

casual outfit


distressed jeans from @bananarepublic

LOVE these heels!

Sometimes it’s pretty tricky to be stylish AND functional with outfits…especially being a mom! I mean, I enjoy looking nice, but I also need to be able to do stuff. Mom stuff. Like play at the park, chase kids, or whatever…

I also like my outfits to transition easily from day to night. As much as I enjoy my two rascals, when I have an opportunity to escape to be with just adults…I’m there! This casual top and these distressed jeans keep me looking like a “cool mom” during the day, but come happy hour, I slip off my flats and strap on an ultra-fun pair of heels.

But let’s go back and talk about these clothes! I try to only get articles of clothing that I can wear in a bunch of different settings. I need flexibility with my stuff!

This top obviously looks great with a pair of jeans, but I can totally make it appropriate for work by pairing it with a pencil skirt or a pair of black pants. I could even just add a blazer to what I’m wearing here for a business casual vibe…with a more office-friendly shoe, of course.

And who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans? I LOVE the higher waist on this pair. It keeps everything in place when I’m chasing the kids around, and it looks more sophisticated than jeans with a lower rise.

These orange heels help add a pop of color to the blues and grays in this outfit. They are not at all functional in Mommy Land, but they’re the type of shoe that I need to remind me that it’s okay to go out and have a little fun. Or a lot of fun. Or more than a lot of fun.

Banana Republic provided free product (top, jeans, and heels) in exchange for this post. All opinions expressed are my own.

Outfit of the Day: Sticking With the Classics

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white blouse, distressed jeans, nude flats

white blouse, distressed jeans, nude flats

distressed jeans, nude flats

Ugh!! It’s been way too long since I’ve written anything outfit related! And as much as I have been wanting to post something, life has just been happening.

You know. Life.

Thankfully, summer break is HERE! One of the perks of being a teacher is that I get to experience being both a working mom and a SAHM.

This summer the kids and I have a pretty full schedule. Being 7 and 4-years-old, they are both at those ages where we can just get dressed and leave the house without tons of baggage or a stroller. I’m LOVING it. And, I’m planning on taking full advantage.

There’s soooo much to do both in and out of the city. Festivals, concerts, museums…I’m sure I’ll be posting a ridiculous amount of pictures on Instagram!!

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, keeping my outfit simple has been the way to go. Sticking with classic pieces, like a white blouse and comfy nude flats, allows me to focus my time on other things…rather than deciding what to wear. In fact, I’ve purged my closet so much that I only keep my absolute favorites in it. Getting rid of the “well, I kinda sorta like it” tops and bottoms has really allowed me to streamline getting ready.

Less time in my closet means more time with the kids and more time enjoying the summer!

blouse – Gap // nude flats c/o – Rockport // bag – Coach

Lighter Shades for Spring

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gray top


casual outfit


I haven’t published a casual outfit post in months, but this about sums up what I’ve been wearing when I’m not in the classroom or out on the town.

I’ve been reaching for lots of grays and blacks. And even though spring is right around the corner, I really don’t see myself incorporating much color into my outfits once the temps warm up. Instead, I have a feeling that I’ll be gravitating towards lighter neutrals.

These pumps from Rockport are not only the perfect shade for spring, they’re also super comfortable. True story…I caught my 4 year-old son wearing them around the house commenting on how soft they felt! I’m sure he would have worn them for the day if I let him.

jeans – Joe’s // top – Old Navy // pumps – c/o Rockport

Celebrating Life in a Bandage Dress

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bandage dress

bandage dress

bandage dress

bandage dress

bandage dress

Next week is my birthday. And while I’m not usually one for celebrating another year of getting older, I have no issues with celebrating life.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably know that I’ve been going through some stuff this past year. Being a single, working mom is no joke. It’s downright exhausting! But it has made me really realize how important it is to slow down in between the crazy times and have a little fun.

Some days I slow down with the kids. We pull the mattresses off the beds and drag them into the front room, fix ourselves bowls of popcorn, and watch funny movies. Or we spend the day at one of our favorite Chicago museums or other kid-favorite attraction.

Some days I get to slow down with a few of my girlfriends. And it’s days like that that call for a dress like this.

This bandage dress from The Kewl Shop – which is quickly becoming my new favorite spot for hot little numbers – is perfect for girls’ night out. Obviously it’s a show stopper, but it’s also a really great quality dress! Plus, it’s the type of dress that takes very little effort as far as accessories go. The dress itself is the main event for the night. All that’s needed is a shiny pair of earring, killer heels, and a bold lip.

The Kewl Shop sent me the dress to review. All opinions are my own.