Unique Gift Idea – Wooden Watch

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wooden watch

Each year I struggle to find that perfect gift for my special ones. Everyone already seems to have everything that they want or need. So I’ve been trying to find unique gifts that are also functional. Just like this wooden watch.

Yes. Wooden.

Why a wooden timepiece?? Well, for starters, wooden watches are extremely light. I received a wooden watch from Jord last summer, and when I wear it, I can hardly tell that its on my wrist! It’s not big and bulky at all. Wooden watches are also unique. Definitely a great conversation starter, too!

wooden watch

wooden watch

This watch is from Jord’s Frankie Series in Dark Sandalwood and Smoke.


Minimalism has never equated to more. Deeply toned sandalwood combines with a solid smoke face to create a subtlety of strength. Your time is your own. Find elegance with ease in the ultra slim case powered by a Swiss movement and enjoy the comfort of the straight line strap. The uncomplicated face allows focus, the streamlined shaping offers style. Wear time well with the Frankie Dark Sandalwood & Smoke.

wooden watch

Jord just started offering wood engraving as well! You can add a personal message to the back of your wooden watch, or you can put a message, logo or monogram, or a handwritten message on the ceder box that the watch comes in! Perfect for adding that special touch for that special someone.

wooden watch

Shipping is free worldwide. And just a side note…those interested in getting an engraved gift, order now! It takes a few extra days for wood engraving. You don’t want to hit holiday crunch time!

AND…You can click on this link, enter your email, and JORD will send you an exclusive $25 gift card code! This will be the last sale for the rest of the year. Make sure to take advantage!!

Jord provided me with a watch for review. All opinions are my own.

Boohoo for Two

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cute girl outfit for fall

floral jacket

mom and daughter

black dress

off-the-shoulder dress

silver earrings

When I was pregnant with Julia, I obviously had NO idea that she’d turn out to be the spunky little spit-fire that she is. I should have had an idea though. Girlfriend would kick me endlessly in utero!

That kicking hasn’t really stopped either – it has just been transformed into a different energy. Now that she’s almost eight, Julia definitely has a mind of her own. And boy am I in trouble when that girl hits puberty!!

Until then, I’m enjoying every moment that I can with her doing all sorts of girly things. Soon enough she’ll be too cool for Mom. But in the meantime, we do our nails, talk about the boys in her class, and have many, many twinning days.

Julia loves having her outfits match mine. In the mornings, she checks my outfit before picking her own to see if we can wear something similar. It’s pretty cute!

Creating matching looks just got a little easier with the newly launched Boohoo Kids line! This line features super adorable items like bomber jackets, over-sized sweaters, and ankle booties – just like any stylish adult would wear, but in kid-size.

I picked out these two dresses from the Boohoo collection. Black is always a safe color and I love the ruffle detail on both my dress and Julia’s. Hers also has a little lacing at the top. We made her outfit a little more casual with a dark floral jacket. And she insisted on these ankle booties. Her whole outfit suits her to a T!

If your daughter is anything like mine, or you’re looking for some trendy kids’ clothes, you need to check out the new Boohoo Kids line! Totally adorable for any little trend-setter!

Boohoo provided us the clothing and accessories for review. All opinions are my own.


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I attend a number of blogger-related events in and around Chicago, but my favorite has to be the annual playCHIC Fashion Show every November!

If you’re not familiar, the playCHIC Fashion Show is all part of Chicago’s annual Toy and Game Week…a week that is dedicated to celebrate play and innovation through consumer events, conferences, awards and, of course, a fashion show!

This will be my second year as a PlayCHIC Fashion Ambassador and this year’s panel is comprised of some of the most influential social media mavens. These lovely ladies will be joining me!

PlayCHIC FASHION Show Fashion Ambassadors 2016

April Giannosa | Nicole Regan  | Christine Jones

Kate Loscalzo | Candice Kilpatrick 

 Cheryl Leahy  | Alison Ray  | Souk Supantavong

Attending PlayChic is like no other fashion show you’ve experienced. Nowhere will you see a runway show that pairs the hottest fashion designers with world-famous toy and game brands to create an unforgettable evening.

PlayCHIC Fashion Show Navy Pier


Much like “Project Runway”  PlayCHIC challenges Chicago’s top fashion designers to create a runway look inspired by a playful toy or game. Borris Powell, will serve as host for the evening and creating a womenswear look inspired by Twister celebrating the 50th Anniversary. Elda De La Rosa is teaming up with Twister for an evening womenswear design guaranteed to turn heads. PomPomWow and Orbeez are creating their own looks and from what we hear, it’s going to be larger than life!  

“The designs are currently in transit from California and they are quite massive. So large that we are having them shipped in special shaped packaging.  I’m so excited for the audience see this ‘illuminating’ show.” says Souk Supantavong (PlayCHIC’s Fashion Show Producer), as she winks to us.

The 2016 PlayCHIC fashion show hits the catwalk Friday, November 18th at Navy Pier Grand Ballroom following the TAGIE Awards

PlayCHIC Fashion Show Navy Pier

GRAB YOUR TICKET TODAY! Ticket includes OPEN BAR, Playful Desserts, Fashion Show hosted by Borris Powell and After Party with DJ Brent Rolland from Fig Media.

Available for $50 visit bit.ly/PlayChic. See you at the After Party at Navy Pier for Chicago’s most creative and unforgettable fashion experience!

Reserve your parking spot in advance with SpotHero, a parking reservation service that helps drivers find and book parking online! Enter promo code CHITAG at checkout for an extra $5 off parking!

Catch a Lyft to get to and from all of ChiTAG Week events or to get around and explore Chicago. You’re not a member yet? Don’t worry it is super easy to join: http://www.lyft.com/i/chitag

I was selected to be a playCHIC Fashion Ambassador. All content and opinions expressed here are honest and all my own. 

Fall Uniform: Jacket, Skinny Jeans & Booties

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outfit for fall

distressed jeans

red jacket and backpack

ankle booties

outfit for fall

ankle booties

Every fall I find myself reaching for the same kinds of pieces…cute jackets, skinny jeans, and ankle booties that can take me from day to night. In fact, it’s a pretty solid uniform that I’ll probably exhaust until I need to bust out my heavy-duty outer wear.

Besides for making it easy for me to get dressed in the morning, this kind of uniform also makes it easy for running around with the kids. On this particular day, both kids had a doctors appointment…so we ended up treating ourselves to lunch, a little shopping trip, and a playground visit afterwards. Gotta make the most of our days together!

These booties from Rhea Footwear couldn’t be more perfect for a day on my feet! They are super comfortable, and the bottoms have these special NeverSlip soles. But as well as for being functional, they are stylish too! I love the little heel and the pointier toe. These babies are definitely going to be put to work this season!

Besides for wearing these ankle booties with distressed jeans, I’ve also worn them dressed up with black pants and a light sweater for work. As an elementary teacher, I’m usually on my feet aalllll day long. And once the dismissal bell rings, the afterschool running around begins. When I first wore these booties to work, it was a rainy day. Storms from morning until dinner time. But, I didn’t even notice the wetness with my feet! Usually dress shoes can become a little slippery, especially on the titled floor of the school, but I didn’t slip at all. I wish my pumps had the same NeverSlip soles as these puppies!

Jackets, skinnies, and ankle boots are such an easy and adorable uniform for fall. And with booties like these, it’s sure to be a winning combination!

jacket – Old Navy // t-shirt – Gap // jeans – Banana Republic // backpack – Aldo // booties – c/o Rhea Footwear