Checking In

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black leather bomber jacket, distressed jeans, @CalvinKlein bucket bag, @VionicShoes leopard print flats, Chicago |

Hey friends!

It’s been about two weeks since I’ve written a post.  And honestly, the break feels great!  It’s giving me a little time to reflect and see how I can best use this space on the internet.  I’m all for doing something with a purpose!

Anyway.  I had to stop in and share a few things with you!

Do you remember when I whitened my teeth with Smile Brilliant?  Well, I was getting a cleaning the other day and my dental hygienist commented on how white my teeth looked!  She asked what I used and she couldn’t believe how great the results were!  I’m just glad the Smile Brilliant service was easier and cheaper than what I would have experienced if I whitened my teeth through my dental office!!

In other news, these fabulous leopard flats made Vionic’s Spot on Style round-up!!  When I first wore them, my friends were teasing me…they couldn’t believe that I was wearing flats!  You know I am a sucker for the perfect heel, but sometimes you just need a great flat.  Especially one in leopard print.

With October more than half way over, I’ve already started thinking about Christmas.  Mostly about how I’m going to tackle all that shopping without breaking the bank!  I know that I’ll be doing plenty of online shopping…which is why I decided to sign up with is perfect for people who love to shop online because they offer tons coupon codes and cash back rebates.  Real Simple listed them as one of four top cash-back websites.  Plus, they’ve got over 4 1/2 million likes on Facebook!! must be making a lot of people’s wallets happy!

One last thing to leave you with…

Sarah and I are having a little giveaway over on Instagram.  You could win two gift cards to Bloomies…one for you and one for a friend!  Who couldn’t use a little shopping trip??  Head over to Instagram for details on how to enter.  (Psst…entry is super easy!)


I’ll probably stop by with a few more random posts before getting back into a writing routine again.  But if you’re really missing your Knocked Up Fabulous fill, stop by Facebook and join in on the fun!!

The Occasional Pink (and BREAK!)

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vintage pink dress, Nine West red heels, vintage gold jewelry, distressed jean jacket diy |

vintage pink dress, Nine West red heels, vintage gold jewelry, distressed jean jacket diy |

vintage pink dress, Nine West red heels, vintage gold jewelry, distressed jean jacket diy |

vintage pink dress, Nine West red heels, vintage gold jewelry, distressed jean jacket diy |

Usually not a fan of pink (on me at least!), but I wanted to give this dress one more spin before I get it out of my closet.

I’m planning on doing a LOT of cleaning.  Not just with my clothes, but with Knocked Up Fabulous, too.

I am going to take a little break from writing posts.  There might be some sporadic ones here and there, but don’t expect any regularly scheduled content…for now away.  I just need to take a step back and reevaluate somethings.  I’ll still be visible on social media though!  Make sure to stop on by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter to follow along!

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The Results Are In | The Tupler Technique

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This REALLY helped with getting rid of my mommy tummy!  A must for any mama!

A few posts ago I wrote about the Tupler Technique.  The Tupler Technique is a program that helps men and women repair their diastasis recti.  And though abdominal separation can happen to anyone, it’s very commonly found in postpartum women.  Aren’t we lucky, ladies??

You might suspect that you have diastasis recti if you’ve tried endless crunches and found yourself getting no where.  Or worse, you found your belly actually getting bigger!

This image, taken from the Tupler site, shows a picture of abdominal separation on the left.  The right image is of abdominal without the diastasis…obviously.

Having your abs separated is not good.  It can cause back pain and other issues.  Plus, it’s totally not cute.


When I first shared about the workshop that I was taking with Bonnie, I had so many moms reaching out to me to find out more!  Everyone wanted to know what exercises I was doing!!  But the Tupler Technique is not just a set of exercises.  It’s a program that creates an awareness of your midsection…something that really needs to be done with an instructor.

Below are my before and (so far!) after pictures.  Within the first 6 weeks of the program, I’ve already seen some pretty great results!

This REALLY helped with getting rid of my mommy tummy!  A must for any mama!

If you look carefully at the before picture, you can see my belly button sticking out.  (I should have used some self-tanner for the pictures!)  That belly button had been driving me crazy since Ivan was born.  But I had no idea that it was a HERNIA until I meet with Bonnie!  That hernia is now gone because of the Tupler Technique!!

Another amazing thing?  I’ve lost 2 inches around my waist!  My pants and skirts and fitting nicer.  I’m actually looking forward to bathing suit season!

The great thing about the Tupler Technique is that it doesn’t matter how long ago you had kids…you CAN kick your mommy tummy to the curb.  Still don’t believe me?  Take a peek at these amazing before and after pics of other clients of Bonnie’s.

If you are anywhere near Chicago, you need to attend one of Bonnie’s workshops.  I actually drove an hour out to Yorkville three separate Saturdays just to take this class.  Completely worth it!  And if you’re not within driving distance, you can set up a Skype session.

Mamas, you owe it to yourself to get that pre-baby belly back!  Don’t accept that mommy tummy…there is a simple solution to help you.

Office Outfit | Pencil Skirt and Gem Tones

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work outfit for fall

work outfit for fall

I’m such a fan of pencil skirts.  A great pencil skirt can look equally stylish with both a t-shirt or a blouse.  Actually, they look great with nearly everything!  I try and steer away from wearing blazers with them though…blazers and pencil skirts just give too much of a business vibe for me.

I do have to say, I proud of myself for limiting the black in this outfit.  I think the last few outfit posts have been all about black (and white for that matter!)  It was a little heartbreaking, but gem tones always put me in a happy place.

vintage blouse (see how I diyed it here), vintage skirt – thrifted // shoes – Payless