Pretty Little Things #OnlyAtVS

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lounge bra




There’s so many things that men will never understand about women. Like our need for multiples. Mascara, black blazers, shoes, handbags…there are different styles of each, and each serve a very different purpose. Bras are exactly the same way. The bra you wear each day depends on what you wear and where you’re going. Men just have to slip on their same old undies and they’re set.

I enjoy having a variety, or options, of things though…especially when it comes to my bras. And Victoria’s Secret has been helping me keep my supply stock for years.

I actually worked at one of the mall shops during college. I don’t mean to brag, but I became an expert at measuring for the perfect bra fit! The good news is, that you can actually click here to follow Victoria’s Secret guide to find your perfect fit at home. I took the quiz, and the sizing was spot on! Of course, you could easily go into one of their brick and mortar stores, but with free shipping and returns, it’s just so easy to shop from your own computer.

The bras I pictured here, are the newest ones to get added to my collection. I typically tend to stick with nude and black bras, but with all the fun lace and color options available, it was time to add something different. I’m especially loving this Body By Victoria Lounge Bralette in Fresco Aqua. It’s so pretty! I’ve been wearing it around the house to add a little glamour to my day. I’m thinking I’m going to have to pick it up in a few other colors!

If you do decide to pick up one, or more, of the BBV Lounge Bralettes, you’ll get entered to win a Jaguar!!! Just promise that if you do win, you’ll pick me up for a spin!

I was provided the products for this review. All opinions are my own.

Easy Summer Outfit | Little White Dress

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little white dress

cross body coach bag

As much as I enjoy how fresh and crisp white looks, I used to steer clear of it. Mostly because the kids would touch me with their dirty hands and I’d have to help them scrub up as well as tend to my garment with stain remover. But now they’re at the ages where I can just send them to the bathroom to wash themselves. I feel like the three of us have entered a new stage. It’s kinda like when they stopped wearing diapers, or when they were able to dress themselves, but much better than that.

Ahh…the freedom to wear what I want without having to worry about others getting me dirty. Here’s hoping that I don’t make a mess on myself!

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Short and Sweet

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sun hat



Just trying to soak up as much sun as I can before school gets back in session. And when I say soak up, I mean while hiding under my sun hat wearing an SPF of at least 45. Gotta fight those wrinkles like nobodies business.

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KUF’s 4 Essentials For Summer

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cute summer outfit



I don’t know why, but summers tend to be sooo busy! Maybe it’s getting to spend more time with my kids, or the endless backyard barbeques and events, but I just don’t have the energy for ironing clothes and putting outfits together.

So rather than putting effort into trying to be trendy, I’m focusing more on what I know works for me…my classics.

  1. Black is still my go to color. Granted I do sometimes incorporate other brighter ones, black is, and will always be, a major closet staple.
  2. Gold jewelry works with everything. I’ve been wearing these vintage bangles with all sorts of outfits from cocktail dresses to t-shirts and jeans. They’re super easy to wear. And I like that they make a little jingle sound when I move my hands.
  3. As much as I love my heels, my feet want nothing to do with them during the days of summer. (Nighttime is a different story…) I grabbed these sandals two summers ago from Marshalls. I love that they’re in neutral colors – the metallic and snake-print straps look great with nearly everything! Plus, they look way more grown-up than flip flops. (Don’t even get me started on those things!)
  4. Little crossbody bags will always be a part of my classic pieces. It’s no mystery that they’re perfect for anyone who needs her hands free, but they’re especially essential for moms. I can toss it into the bag for the beach and then grab it and go when it’s time to run to the grocery store. It’s basically my wallet, but includes my lip gloss and phone as well.