Lighter Shades for Spring

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gray top


casual outfit


I haven’t published a casual outfit post in months, but this about sums up what I’ve been wearing when I’m not in the classroom or out on the town.

I’ve been reaching for lots of grays and blacks. And even though spring is right around the corner, I really don’t see myself incorporating much color into my outfits once the temps warm up. Instead, I have a feeling that I’ll be gravitating towards lighter neutrals.

These pumps from Rockport are not only the perfect shade for spring, they’re also super comfortable. True story…I caught my 4 year-old son wearing them around the house commenting on how soft they felt! I’m sure he would have worn them for the day if I let him.

jeans – Joe’s // top – Old Navy // pumps – c/o Rockport

Celebrating Life in a Bandage Dress

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bandage dress

bandage dress

bandage dress

bandage dress

bandage dress

Next week is my birthday. And while I’m not usually one for celebrating another year of getting older, I have no issues with celebrating life.

If you’ve been reading for a while, you probably know that I’ve been going through some stuff this past year. Being a single, working mom is no joke. It’s downright exhausting! But it has made me really realize how important it is to slow down in between the crazy times and have a little fun.

Some days I slow down with the kids. We pull the mattresses off the beds and drag them into the front room, fix ourselves bowls of popcorn, and watch funny movies. Or we spend the day at one of our favorite Chicago museums or other kid-favorite attraction.

Some days I get to slow down with a few of my girlfriends. And it’s days like that that call for a dress like this.

This bandage dress from The Kewl Shop – which is quickly becoming my new favorite spot for hot little numbers – is perfect for girls’ night out. Obviously it’s a show stopper, but it’s also a really great quality dress! Plus, it’s the type of dress that takes very little effort as far as accessories go. The dress itself is the main event for the night. All that’s needed is a shiny pair of earring, killer heels, and a bold lip.

The Kewl Shop sent me the dress to review. All opinions are my own.

ChapStick Therapy

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There are a few beauty staples that I always reach for. ChapStick is one of them.

I was obsessed with my Dr. Pepper ChapStick all throughout junior high. It smelled so good and kept my lips really soft. It even added just a touch of color which was perfect because Dad strictly enforced a “no makeup before 30” rule. I wasn’t allowed to wear real lipstick at that point, but a tinted balm made the cut.

And even now that I have no restrictions on makeup wearing, I’m still reaching for my favorite ChapSticks to keep my lips hydrated. Long gone are my Dr. Pepper days. Nowadays, I tend to use more of the classics like Cherry or Original.

I’ve also been testing out some of the tropical versions like Aloha Coconut and Mango Sunrise. I actually keep those two ChapSticks in the drawer of my desk at work. I obviously use them on my lips, but they also provide me with a little aromatherapy. The coconut and mango scents take me away to a place that’s more relaxing than a room filled with 8-year-olds who can’t keep their hands to themselves. The only thing that’s missing is a drink with one of those tiny umbrellas.

The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All opinions are my own. 

SoCozy Now Found At Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and BuyBuy Baby

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SoCozy. All opinions are my own and not edited by the sponsor.
My two kids have been loving the SoCozy line ever since last summer. They’re all into using it because it smells soooo good, but I’m hooked because it’s non-toxic and free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic colors, and a whole list of other ingredients I can’t pronounce.
Basically SoCozy is super awesome.
SoCozy Now Found At Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and BuyBuy Baby
SoCozy Now Found At Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and BuyBuy Baby
SoCozy Now Found At Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and BuyBuy Baby
SoCozy Now Found At Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and BuyBuy Baby
Recently, I’ve been having Julia wash and spray with the boo! lice prevention line from SoCozy. Now that she’s at school full-time, she’s around soooo many more germs than she was before. Especially in the wintertime! All those kids trapped indoors with all those germs…ugh!! I can’t prevent everything that comes her way, but I can do my best to protect her and her gorgeous red hair.
The boo! lice prevention shampoo and spray smells like fresh peppermint. I’ve been telling Julia that she’s my little candy cane…she just laughs. I’ll take those laughs anyday over tears and cries that would come if we didn’t guard her from lice.
Picking up our favorite SoCozy products has become even easier now that they are carried at  Bed Bath & Beyond, Harmon, and BuyBuy Baby! So while the kids and I are out doing our weekly errands, we can quickly grab our favorite SoCozy products. I keep backups on hand too. There’s nothing more drastic than running out of something that the kids rely on. (Exaggeration…but you get the picture. I do whatever I can to prevent meltdowns, even if it means including keeping an extra 5 bottles of boo! spray in the cabinet.)
Right now SoCozy products are all 20% off…definitely the time to stock up! But don’t wait too long! Offer ends 2/29!! Check out the Locations Page to find the store nearest you!
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