Winter Uniform

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distressed jeans

vintage coat

winter outfit

winter coat

It has been about a month since I’ve been outside to take pictures.  I was so excited to take advantage of this weekend’s “warmer” weather!  And compared to last week, Sunday was like a heat wave!  I’ll take anything over 30 degrees, but once those temps drop…forget about it!!

Sweaters, jeans, and boots have been my uniform this winter.  Usually I’m reaching for a vintage sweater, but this thin turtleneck one from H&M was perfect for an afternoon of shopping.  As for the ripped jeans, it was definitely warm enough to show a little skin…don’t let the snow piles in the background fool you!

sweater – H&M // jeans – thrifted and distressed // booties – Franco Sarto // coat – thrifted

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3 (more) Ways to Wear Mom Jeans

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So I just had to dig into this mom jean thing a little more.  After the feedback I got on Facebook and Instagram from Friday’s blog post about trying the trend, it looks like there’s two very different feelings about this high-waisted trend.  You either love mom jeans, or you hate them.

I’m just set on showing you a few more ways to wear them.

mom jeans with crop top

Because of their high waist, mom jeans make a perfect match with crop tops.  Now we’re not doing the crop top with the whole midriff showing like back in the day with low-rise jeans, this one is a little more subtle.

mom jeans

This sweater is also on the shorter side.  Plus – like the jeans – they’re vintage.  I usually don’t wear two vintage pieces at once…it runs the risk of looking dated.  But these asymmetrical black heels help balance out the decades.

black blazer

This is my favorite look out of the three.  It’s very simple too!  Just a tucked in black tank with a fitted blazer and a pair of pointy toe heels…perfect for casual Friday or a weekday happy hour with the girls.


What do you think?  I’m not saying to replace all your favorite styles of jeans with these mom ones, BUT it is nice to add a little variety into the mix every now and then.

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Try the Trend | Mom Jeans

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mom jeans

Ahh yes…2015.  The year that is finally going to retire the skinny jean!  Don’t get me wrong.  I love a great fitting pair of skinnies as much as any semi-trendy lady out there, it’s just that the skin-tight pant has really been played out.  Besides…there are so many other great styles of jeans out there.

Take, for example, the mom jean.  Now before you freak out, let’s discuss the pros of this notorious cut.  For one, mom jeans can be flattering to some body types.  My pair here is a little big – which is why it looks a little wonky in the crotch – but they don’t look terrible.  Plus, because of their high-waist, mom jeans can make your legs appear longer!  Besides that, they are truly comfortable.  Definitely easier to play around and run errands with the kids that their tight counter part.

mom jeans

Mom jeans do have their downsides though.  They can look really sloppy really fast.  I had to tuck in this sweater to show off the waist, otherwise I would have looked like one big blob.  Another thing to keep in mind is the hem.  Some sort of cuffing needs to be included.  These jeans should not touch your shoes.  And speaking of shoes, steer clear of anything that looks too heavy.  Instead, stick with a pointy toe or other feminine shoe.

mom jeans

Still think I’m a little crazy for revisiting this trend from the past?  Take a look at this article from Who What Wear highlighting the end of an era.  Or click here, here, or here to see other ways to wear mom jeans.

mom jeans

So…what do you think?  Is the mom jean something that you could see yourself wearing in 2015??

sweater, jeans – thrifted // heels – Nine West

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7 Fabulous Posts From 2014

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I’m having a really hard time accepting the fact that a new year is upon us.  I just can’t even believe that 2014 has come to an end!

As a blogger, a full-time elementary teacher, and a mother of two, I’ve really tried to make the most of whatever I put my energy into.  And for blogging, that sometimes means that I work really hard on putting together a great post, then take a few days to focus on other things.

Balance has been the key to this craziness.  And having a great support system doesn’t hurt either!

As I looked back over the last 12 months of posts, I realized that I’m always trying to provide you with something that you can take away from Knocked Up Fabulous.  Perhaps it was a bit of fashion advise, or sharing of a great product that I really enjoy…but I hope that you find this site as a reference for you – and maybe a little entertaining!

With that being said, here’s my favorite posts from 2014…

Cold weather always makes me so lazy.  Lazy as in I don’t want to wear makeup or do anything with my hair. Luckily hats can always come to the rescue for those lazy or bad hair days. And 3 ways to wear a beanie can help with what you’re going to dress the rest of your body.

kid in beanie

If you still haven’t scoped out a thrift store yet because you’re unsure of where to start looking, aim for the sweaters.  Now’s the perfect time to find some great vintage knits.  I’ve found some amazing ones, like this black and white zebra print from DVF.

zebra print

I’ve been enjoying some of those trends that are revisiting us from the 90s.  Give me a floral dress and a great distressed jean jacket any day and I’m a happy girl.

denimWhenever I’m not sure what to wear, I always find myself reaching for the colors black and white.  I even love mixing different prints that are black and white.  It’s the perfect way to create an easy and carefree – yet put together – look.


I’m always trying to get the most out of my closet.  This means that I’m consistently thinking of other ways to wear things…like layering dresses and skirts, wearing a vest in another way, or using a nighty as a top.


I also love finding vintage clothing and altering it some how so that it looks current again.  I’ve done this with vintage blouses.  Simply remove the shoulder pads, hem the sleeves, and you have an amazing up-dated blouse!  I’ve also reworked rompers and dresses by chopping off a few inches and adding a new hem.  It’s really amazing what a few basic sewing skills can do to an old piece of clothing!!

vintage blouse

This past year I’ve worked on improving my photography skills, too!  Here’s a great piece on 3 super easy tips for taking great pictures.

great photography tips

Happy New Years to you, reader!!  And cheers to a healthy and successful 2015!