Short and Sweet

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sun hat



Just trying to soak up as much sun as I can before school gets back in session. And when I say soak up, I mean while hiding under my sun hat wearing an SPF of at least 45. Gotta fight those wrinkles like nobodies business.

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KUF’s 4 Essentials For Summer

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cute summer outfit



I don’t know why, but summers tend to be sooo busy! Maybe it’s getting to spend more time with my kids, or the endless backyard barbeques and events, but I just don’t have the energy for ironing clothes and putting outfits together.

So rather than putting effort into trying to be trendy, I’m focusing more on what I know works for me…my classics.

  1. Black is still my go to color. Granted I do sometimes incorporate other brighter ones, black is, and will always be, a major closet staple.
  2. Gold jewelry works with everything. I’ve been wearing these vintage bangles with all sorts of outfits from cocktail dresses to t-shirts and jeans. They’re super easy to wear. And I like that they make a little jingle sound when I move my hands.
  3. As much as I love my heels, my feet want nothing to do with them during the days of summer. (Nighttime is a different story…) I grabbed these sandals two summers ago from Marshalls. I love that they’re in neutral colors – the metallic and snake-print straps look great with nearly everything! Plus, they look way more grown-up than flip flops. (Don’t even get me started on those things!)
  4. Little crossbody bags will always be a part of my classic pieces. It’s no mystery that they’re perfect for anyone who needs her hands free, but they’re especially essential for moms. I can toss it into the bag for the beach and then grab it and go when it’s time to run to the grocery store. It’s basically my wallet, but includes my lip gloss and phone as well.

Staying Active with thredUP

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Staying active can be pretty tricky to do.Β Time is always an issue. Scheduling and creating lists can help, but self-motivation is definitely key.

I’m not just talking about working out either. Staying active in the community is important too. Besides for the social aspect, the more people who are involved, the better off we all can be.

thredUP, my favorite online fashion resale shop, is launching a program called Raise A Hand For Teachers. Working with, they’re recognizing teachers across the nation for their hard work and positive impact on kids.

Giving back to your community has never been easier. Starting today until August 23rd, nominate your favorite teacher by clicking right HERE.

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Three lucky teachers will each win $2,500 for classroom supplies and $500 for shopping at thredUP!! 50 runner-up winners will receive $100 to thredUP. Those are huge prizes! And with as much of their own money that teachers already spend on their classrooms, this could really impact a special group of kids…not to mention the educator who inspires them daily.

I’m about to go nominate Julia’s Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Bocka. Mrs. Bocka was Julia’s first school teacher and I so glad that she was. She really got my daughter excited about learning…Julia would always be sharing the funny stories that her teacher told her. But the biggest reason that I am going to nominate Mrs. Bocka is because she made me little girl feel special. I could list countless time during the school year, but the one that stood out actually happened last month, once the summer break had already started.

Many times when people are off the clock, they don’t think about work. This is usually NOT the case with teachers, and it’s definitely NOT the case with Mrs. Bocka. She sent Julia a very thoughtful note, just checking in and sending her best. But this small gesture meant something much more for my daughter.

And now it’s my turn to be active and show my appreciation with a simple nomination.

Who are you going to nominate?

Active tops in above picture were provided by thredUP. All opinions are my own.

The Perfect Pregnancy Piece

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maternity dresses

While I’m a fan of dresses whenever the weather calls for it, they’re especially perfect for any trimester of pregnancy. Nothing is easier to wear or style than a dress.

Even if you’re not knocked up, a great dress can be the perfect canvas for a standout outfit. I’m more of a fan of the knee length versions, but maxi dresses (and minis if you’re daring!) look gorgeous as well.

There are tons of ways to wear these fashion power pieces:

  • Belt it over your bump with a thin belt.
  • Accessorize with one long necklace or a statement piece.
  • Wear heels.
  • Wear flats.
  • Wear sandal wedges.
  • Add a hat.
  • Cover up with a jean jacket or vest.
  • Use a shawl to drape over your shoulders.

Of course a blow out and light makeup can help add to the polish factor. But if you’re pressed for time, a slicked back pony and a little lip tint look great too.

What’s your favorite way to wear this closet staple??

Images from here. Collage put together with Picmonkey.

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