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Love these bucket hats from Coolibar!  Best sun protection I've ever come across - so soft and guaranteed SPF 50! Love these bucket hats from Coolibar!  Best sun protection I've ever come across - so soft and guaranteed SPF 50! Love these bucket hats from Coolibar!  Best sun protection I've ever come across - so soft and guaranteed SPF 50! I know I’ve been sharing a lot of kid-related stuff on here these days, but I promise you more outfit pics soon!  One reason I’ve been including these two is because I love seeing how their own little styles are developing.  And because I’ve come across some really great brands with great products for kids.

I was introduced to Coolibar during the Travel in Style event.  This company makes unbelievable sun protective clothing!  Not only is their clothing super soft – the softest and most comfortable sun protective clothing I’ve ever felt – it also blocks 98% of harmful UV rays.

Love these bucket hats from Coolibar!  Best sun protection I've ever come across - so soft and guaranteed SPF 50! Julia and Ivan love these bucket hats.  (I let the kids pick their color!) I love them too!  They provide excellent coverage from the sun and wash really easily.  I’m also glad that these two picked out bright colors…it makes it easier for me to spot them in a group of kids. We’ve been using these hats non-stop at the pool and out of the water, too!

Coolibar provided us with these hats, but all opinions are my own. 

3 Tips for Looking Like You’ve Got It Together

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Sometimes being a mom is really messy and anything but glamorous.  I’ve learned to roll with the punches (and fingers covered in mystery slime!) and dress accordingly.  A printed dress – or printed anything for that matter – is a safe bet!  It hides “love” from grimy hands or snot from runny noses…basically no one can tell that you look dirty.

And to top it all off, I like to pile on the gold jewelry.  But you know me…that and lipstick are my secret weapons for looking like I have it together.

dress, jacket – thrifted // bag – Calvin Klein // jewelry – vintage

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Mr. Cool

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boy's summer outfit from @FabKids

boy's summer outfit from @FabKids

boy's summer outfit from @FabKids

It’s really refreshing to have both a boy and a girl.  What’s exhausting though is how completely opposite the two of them are!  This one is (usually) as sweet as can be, but he has started that “testing” phase.  You parents know it.  The phase were your kid tries to see exactly how much he can get away with before you loose your mind.  Oh, it’s so much fun.

Luck for me, he hasn’t started to fight me on what he wears everyday.  In fact, he’s actually pretty good about picking out his own clothes.  And he’s really good at taking off his clothes – thank goodness he does this in appropriately places!  Now he just needs to learn how to get dressed by himself.

t-shirt, shorts – c/o FabKids // Converse, sunglasses – thrifted

Momiform: Jeans and a Blouse

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vintage floral blouse and a pair of gray skinny jeans vintage floral blouse and a pair of gray skinny jeans vintage floral blouse and a pair of gray skinny jeans   Things really get laid back over here during the summertime.  Honestly, it feels so great to not have a strict schedule!  But on the other hand, if I have nowhere to go, I can easily spend the day in my pajamas.  I guess there’s nothing wrong with having a pajama day every now and then, but spending the day in lounge clothes does nothing for my motivation.  I may not be on a schedule this summer, but I still have a ton of stuff to accomplish!

I started booking some morning activities for the kids – ones that require us to get dressed and leave the house.  It’s nothing crazy.  Just trips to the library for story time, playdates with friends, and things like that.

Jeans are always my friend during casual times.  Rather than wearing them with t-shirts though, I’ve been putting my blouses to work.  Jeans and a blouse – plus a cute sandal and some lipstick! – the perfect combo for getting me to get stuff done!

blouse (vintage), jeans (Old Navy) – thrifted // sandals – Audrey Brooke // bucket bag – Calvin Klein

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Travel in Style Event

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Earlier this month, SoChic Media hosted the Travel in Style event at Kevin Hammett’s Photography studio.  Like other events that Alison has put together, this one was a blast!  For one, who doesn’t love a travel theme?  And add fashion into the mix…needless to say, everyone had a blast!

I started my night getting a mani by Noktivo Spa.  This spa is one to watch!  They only use non-toxic products…this nail polish didn’t stink at all like the traditional stuff!


Then I had to get my sugar fix with a little cotton candy from Spin-Spun.  See how the sugary treat isn’t your typical pink or blue?  That’s because it’s all natural.  No red dye #40 here!


After that the rest of the night was a whirl-wind of conversations with the other guests and our sponsors.  Oh, and I did a little “fashion demonstration” with Johanna and Zahra showing off our cute sun protective clothing from Coolibar Sun.  Of course once we finished, we had to goof around with Hilton’s green screen.  How else would be pretend to be on the beach?


I may always seem serious with my Knocked Up Fabulous outfit pictures, but I like to let loose with my blogging babes!  Jessica, Sarah, and I were testing out Coolibar’s hats at the selfie station.


Here’s a group pic towards the end of the evening…


Kevin Hammett’s Photography studio took some great pictures!  I could have filled this post with them, but if you want to see all the fun action from the night, click here to check them out at the Sassy Moms Facebook page.

Thanks to these sponsors for supporting Chicago bloggers: CooliBarHilton Sandestin Golf & Beach ResortHome AwaySunologyKevin Hammett PhotographyFamily Travel ShowNoktivo SpaSpin SpunYurbudsAccessory MercadoGo Picnicderma – eLa Fresh, & Honest Tea

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Getting Ready for Date Night in 5 Steps

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getting ready for date night in 5 steps!

getting ready for date night in 5 steps!

getting ready for date night in 5 steps!

the Samia sandal from DUO!

I try to cram so much into the summer months…gotta enjoy the season while it’s here!  This also means that my husband and I try to get in extra grown-up time, even if our plans our last minute.

I keep a few tricks up my sleeves to make sure that no matter how much – or how little – time I have, I always have time to look pulled together!

  1. Hair – After getting more layers cut in a few weeks ago, my hair has needed more maintenance than my usual overnight twist or braid.  I’m been washing and air drying my hair every other night and then following up with my favorite straightener or this curling technique in the morning.  Dry shampoo or baby powder keeps my do looking fresh between washes.
  2.  Makeup – During the summer I lighten up on the foundation and eye makeup.  A little mascara and tinted lip gloss are perfect for day, but at night I love a bold lip.  This lip crayon from Sonia Kashuk is my current fav…and no liner is necessary!
  3. Clothing – I’m a firm believer that all women should have clothing in their closet that fits their body type and makes them feel good!  This skirt shouts date night, but the length keeps it appropriate.  And this kimono is something that I can easily toss into my bag for air conditioned restaurants or cool summer nights.
  4. Accessories – I love gold jewelry!  It looks polished and helps pull an outfit together.  During the day I’ll usually wear a bangle or two, but for night, I like to pile it on!  Big earring don’t hurt either!
  5. Shoes – Ahh…my favorite part!  Shoes can totally make an outfit.  Date night is something special so I have no problems wearing a high heel.  I love these strappy sandals from Duo!  They add the perfect (and glamorous!) finishing touch for any date night ensemble!

tank, kimono – thrifted // skirt – c/o Ruby Ribbon // shoes – c/o Duo

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Mom Outfit | Skinny Jeans and a Tunic

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mom outfit | skinny jeans and a tunic

gold heart locket

gold heart locket

mom outfit | skinny jeans and a tunic

I hope you enjoyed your weekend as much as I enjoyed mine!  My husband and I celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary(!!), and we also had time to take the kids to the Shedd.

I wore outfit this to see all the sea creatures.  It was comfy and appropriate for chasing the kids around in, yet the sandals, jacket, and touches of gold still made it feel like me.

jeans, tunic – thrifted // jacket – Guess // sandals – Nine West // heart locket – c/o SilverSpeck

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Summer Style | Loose and Light

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simple summer style | t-shirt and Gap denim skirt

simple gold necklaces

simple gold necklaces

As much as I love wearing big and bold pieces, once the weather warms up I want loose and light.  This Wilfred Free t-shirt has the perfect amount of drape…and it balances nicely with my Gap denim skirt.

As far as accessories go, I’m sure be getting lots of use out of these classic, neutral pieces this summer.  Gold necklaces and bangles are always in style and this tan leather bucket bag looks great with just about everything!

t-shirt, skirt – thrifted // bag (Calvin Klein), shoes (Dolce Vida) – via TJ Maxx // bangles, gold & pearl necklace – vintage // gold & crystal necklace – c/o Max & Chole

The Backpack

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everyday staples - ripped jeans and a backpack

everyday staples - ripped jeans and a backpack

everyday staples - ripped jeans and a backpack

everyday staples - ripped jeans and a backpack

Love them or hate them, backpacks have been making a statement this season.  You’ll probably see them lots during the colder months, too.

I’ve been looking for the perfect leather one to invest a little in, but until then this faux leather backpack suits me just fine.  I love how it’s a structured and simple piece – makes it easy to incorporate into every outfit.

top, jeans (distressed by me), backpack – thrifted // shoes – Nine West

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