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dark purple coat, black skinny jeans, black boots

dark purple coat, black skinny jeans, black boots

dark purple coat, black skinny jeans, black boots

Over the weekend the kids and I took a trip to a furniture store opening. While we were there, Julia and Ivan got their faces painted, had balloon animals made, and sat with Santa for the third time this season. (They better not get used to all that lap time!)

We stopped for lunch and hit up a couple stores on our way home. Shopping on a Saturday afternoon 20 something days before Christmas with two kids is not my idea of a good time, but I made up for it.

After the stores, I started looking for a open field or park to take pictures. I wanted to take some pictures of the kids to create Christmas cards, and I also wanted Julia to take my outfit pictures.

Lo and behold, we came across a great spot with a cute little creek and bridges and hills. I had Julia take my pictures first. She was totally getting into photag mode! She was moving around and trying different angles. She loved helping me and I loved seeing her enjoy being on the other side of the camera.

Ivan, on the other hand, could care less. He was running up and down the hills like a madman.

As this was all happening, I noticed that the grass was cut differently in different sections. Like, in a very organized way. Then, I noticed that there were little boxes spread out on this hilly field where the three of us were. And just as I put it all together, I spotted a group of golfers coming our way.

We were on a freaking golf course! Don’t even ask me how that happened…

Julia and I finished up the pictures, but the kids weren’t ready to leave. They wanted to roll down the hills of the golf course.

You know, we already embarrassed ourselves enough, so I let them. I let my kids roll down the hills at a golf course while a group of golfers were a hole away. And as my kids rolled down the hills again and again with their laughter and giggles, I snapped some of the cutest pictures.

Sometimes I have such a hard time letting go and enjoying the moment. But on Saturday afternoon on the hills of a golf course, in front of a group of golfers, the only thing I cared about were those smiles on my kids’ faces.

ChiTAG 2017: Our Top 3 Favorite Picks

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ChiTAG 2017

For the last three years the kids and I have been going to The Chicago Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier and every single year, we LOVE it!

ChiTAG is all about playing and having fun! Their mission is to…

Build community through play by providing opportunities for people of all ages (friends, kids, families, inventors, designers, industry) to connect with one another and experience the joy and value of play. We envision a friendly, more creative and more tolerant world with people discovering they have more in common than not through the power of play.

ChiTAG 2017


Each year there’s some BIG spotlight events to check out. Last year we couldn’t wait to see the giant Pom Pom Wow structure from Maya Toys. This year we super excited to see the massive Soggy Doggy game from Spin Master!

ChiTAG 2017

As soon as we entered the Chicago Toy & Game Fair this year, we made a beeline for Spin Master’s giant, and I mean GIANT, Soggy Doggy game. The Soggy Doggy game itself is one of the hot games of the holiday season, but this life-sized board game was in a category of it’s own. Julia and Ivan loved being on the board game as if they were the pieces themselves. And thankfully, they didn’t get too wet!

ChiTAG 2017


During the day on Saturday, the Illinois State Yoyo Contest was held during ChiTAG. First of all, I didn’t even know that yoyos were still a thing. And, I didn’t know that there were so many tricks that you could do with them! The kids and I sat and watched the contest for a good 30 minutes. Each contestant, who were all kids by the way, had about 60 seconds to perform. They came from all over the states and they were all beyond amazing! The youngest boy that I saw up on the stage was 9 years old!

ChiTAG 2017


Even though there are so many new toys and games to see at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, sometimes you just gotta adore the classics! Ivan has been obsessed with all things Lego. I can’t blame him. I remember spending hours upon hours using my brothers’ Legos to build towers and castles…it’s a special feeling watching your own child enjoy the things that you did as a kid, too.

Ivan has a blast with Lego’s so much that during ChiTAG, he had to stop and build the ghost sample that they were handing out at the Lego booth.

ChiTAG 2017

When we got home, he surprised me even more by building a Lego car set all by himself!! I I definitely know what I’m getting him for Christmas. Now I just have to see where I can pick up Julia a giant Soggy Doggy game…


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Winter is my fourth favorite season. I blame the cold on that one. BUT, having to deal with the cold temps makes an excellent reason to have an outstanding outerwear collection!

I picked this long tweed coat up a few winters ago for a bargain! I don’t wear it too often because I tend to stick with black, but it’s perfect for chilly winter days. The material is really heavy. Plus, the length of the coat helps keep my legs warm. And oddly enough, last time I blogged about this coat, I also wore it with a turtleneck and these same bootiesHey…once you find a combo that works, you stick with it!

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My mom had five kids. She loved each of her pregnancies. So when I first got pregnant with Julia, I thought it was going to be fun and exciting. But, it wasn’t. At all. I didn’t feel like myself and my body didn’t feel like my own.

When I got knocked up again, all those feelings came rushing back. I started to panic. I wasn’t looking forward to that there’s-an-alien-growing-inside-me feeling again. And I didn’t want to be stuck in my husband’s clothes again when all my maternity gear suddenly didn’t fit my bump anymore.

happy mom and kids

So, I started a blog about looking fabulous during pregnancy.

Knocked Up Fabulous was my motivation to get up, get dressed, and feel good about myself. It helped push me to embrace the whole pregnancy journey in a fashionable way. (If you look good, you feel good, right?!) At the time, there were hardly any bloggers who documented their fashionable pregnancies, so I turned to myself for encouragement.

But that wasn’t the main reason I started this blog.

mom and daughter, snapchat filter

This little spot on the internet became my creative outlet to help keep me going during a very emotionally draining point in my life. I had a two-year-old and another one of the way, I was working full-time, and my marriage was falling apart.

I’m not here to get into details about what I went through or the divorce itself, but rather how blogging created a positive in my life when I desperately needed it.

Blogging allowed me to dabble into photography and enjoy writing again. I was able to bond with other bloggers and attend tons of events in and around Chicago.

Fast forward a number of years now. I’m a single, full-time working mom, and I finally feel like my life has balance to it.

I’ve been posting on Knocked Up Fabulous very irregularly while I got situated in my current life, but now I’m ready to get back into it! This site isn’t just going to be fashion and beauty based anymore. I’m going to be sharing ALL things that make me and my kids feel fabulous.

Welcome to the next chapter.

happy family of mom and two kids