ChiTAG 2017: Our Top 3 Favorite Picks

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ChiTAG 2017

For the last three years the kids and I have been going to The Chicago Toy & Game Fair at Navy Pier and every single year, we LOVE it!

ChiTAG is all about playing and having fun! Their mission is to…

Build community through play by providing opportunities for people of all ages (friends, kids, families, inventors, designers, industry) to connect with one another and experience the joy and value of play. We envision a friendly, more creative and more tolerant world with people discovering they have more in common than not through the power of play.

ChiTAG 2017


Each year there’s some BIG spotlight events to check out. Last year we couldn’t wait to see the giant Pom Pom Wow structure from Maya Toys. This year we super excited to see the massive Soggy Doggy game from Spin Master!

ChiTAG 2017

As soon as we entered the Chicago Toy & Game Fair this year, we made a beeline for Spin Master’s giant, and I mean GIANT, Soggy Doggy game. The Soggy Doggy game itself is one of the hot games of the holiday season, but this life-sized board game was in a category of it’s own. Julia and Ivan loved being on the board game as if they were the pieces themselves. And thankfully, they didn’t get too wet!

ChiTAG 2017


During the day on Saturday, the Illinois State Yoyo Contest was held during ChiTAG. First of all, I didn’t even know that yoyos were still a thing. And, I didn’t know that there were so many tricks that you could do with them! The kids and I sat and watched the contest for a good 30 minutes. Each contestant, who were all kids by the way, had about 60 seconds to perform. They came from all over the states and they were all beyond amazing! The youngest boy that I saw up on the stage was 9 years old!

ChiTAG 2017


Even though there are so many new toys and games to see at the Chicago Toy & Game Fair, sometimes you just gotta adore the classics! Ivan has been obsessed with all things Lego. I can’t blame him. I remember spending hours upon hours using my brothers’ Legos to build towers and castles…it’s a special feeling watching your own child enjoy the things that you did as a kid, too.

Ivan has a blast with Lego’s so much that during ChiTAG, he had to stop and build the ghost sample that they were handing out at the Lego booth.

ChiTAG 2017

When we got home, he surprised me even more by building a Lego car set all by himself!! I I definitely know what I’m getting him for Christmas. Now I just have to see where I can pick up Julia a giant Soggy Doggy game…

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