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My mom had five kids. She loved each of her pregnancies. So when I first got pregnant with Julia, I thought it was going to be fun and exciting. But, it wasn’t. At all. I didn’t feel like myself and my body didn’t feel like my own.

When I got knocked up again, all those feelings came rushing back. I started to panic. I wasn’t looking forward to that there’s-an-alien-growing-inside-me feeling again. And I didn’t want to be stuck in my husband’s clothes again when all my maternity gear suddenly didn’t fit my bump anymore.

happy mom and kids

So, I started a blog about looking fabulous during pregnancy.

Knocked Up Fabulous was my motivation to get up, get dressed, and feel good about myself. It helped push me to embrace the whole pregnancy journey in a fashionable way. (If you look good, you feel good, right?!) At the time, there were hardly any bloggers who documented their fashionable pregnancies, so I turned to myself for encouragement.

But that wasn’t the main reason I started this blog.

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This little spot on the internet became my creative outlet to help keep me going during a very emotionally draining point in my life. I had a two-year-old and another one of the way, I was working full-time, and my marriage was falling apart.

I’m not here to get into details about what I went through or the divorce itself, but rather how blogging created a positive in my life when I desperately needed it.

Blogging allowed me to dabble into photography and enjoy writing again. I was able to bond with other bloggers and attend tons of events in and around Chicago.

Fast forward a number of years now. I’m a single, full-time working mom, and I finally feel like my life has balance to it.

I’ve been posting on Knocked Up Fabulous very irregularly while I got situated in my current life, but now I’m ready to get back into it! This site isn’t just going to be fashion and beauty based anymore. I’m going to be sharing ALL things that make me and my kids feel fabulous.

Welcome to the next chapter.

happy family of mom and two kids


  • Leyla Tran
    November 24, 2017

    Love this! I can’t wait to follow along on your new blogging journey!

    Leyla /

    • aprilgia
      November 26, 2017

      Thanks, Leyla! xoxo

  • Marilee
    November 26, 2017

    You are pretty fabulous, April! I love you and your whole family.

    • aprilgia
      November 27, 2017

      Aww, shucks! Thanks, Marilee!

  • Melinda
    November 26, 2017

    Awesome!! I look forward to your posts!😊✌❤

    • aprilgia
      November 27, 2017

      Thanks, girl!!!

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