Chicago Baby Show: What You Missed Out On

08 Sep 2017 Permalink

You know how some people get that “baby fever?” My daughter has it. Every few weeks or so she asks for another brother or sister. Let me restate that. She BEGS for a brother or sister. And yes, tears are involved. So when the Chicago Baby Show came to Navy Pier the other week, we had to go. We saw so many cool things at the Chicago Baby Show, I almost started getting baby fever. Almost.

We saw this super cool baby seat from Bloom in the rose gold. When I come back in my next life, hopefully as a millionaire, I’m definitely getting this for my babies. It totally looks like a trendy piece of furniture and not some eye-sore plastic high chair that I had taking up space in my kitchen.

One of my favorite things that we saw at the Chicago Baby Show was this 3-in-1 winter coat for expectant mothers made by Modern Eternity. It has the ability to unzip and transform into a regular winter jacket once the baby is born! And not only that, it has a pouch that the mother can wear with her newborn. Where was his coat when I was first pregnant eight years ago!?

We also saw the Swaddle Up from Love to Dream. Ivan was a summer baby, so he didn’t need anything like it. Julia though was born in December and she loved her sleep sack. This one that we saw at the show is great because it keeps the baby all contained, but yet there is a zipper you can unzip to let the babies hands be free for when your newborn hits the 4-9 months stage. I love when baby must-haves can transition from one stage to the next! Plus, it felt so soft! I wonder if they make an adult version…

We really did have a fun time at the Chicago Baby Show! It was cool checking out all the new cool gadgets and clothing that’s out there for parents and for newborns. I definitely wish I was able to time travel and go back and relive my pregnancies. It would have been so much easier having all these fantastic things to help me along the way!

This is a sponsored post related to the Chicago Baby Show. All opinions are honest and my own.

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