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Is it really THAT time of year again?! One day we’re hanging out at the beach, and the next thing you know the BACK-TO-SCHOOL chatter has begun.

While these two are excited to see their friends again on a daily basis, I’ve already starting having the dreaded nightmares of potential troublemakers in my classroom. Spoiler alert: This year’s class looks like a real doozy. I’m gonna have to make sure that my dark chocolate and Moscato stash is constantly stocked at home. The struggle is real, people!

One thing that definitely puts us in the mood for waking up early and learning is shopping. Back-to-school shopping is so much fun! All the new and cool items just waiting to be put to use…gotta love it!

While we have yet to tackle the school supply list, we have begun clothing and accessory shopping. I mean, you can’t show up on the first day of school wearing exactly what you did ten weeks before. (Cue slightly sarcastic voice with eyeroll.)

I love how Julia and Ivan have developed their own senses of fashion. Julia likes girly things with an edge. She realizes that her outfits need to be functional. (Smart girl!) She won’t wear dresses daily anymore because it’s too hard to run around and play in them. And Ivan is straight up sporty. He’d live in athletic gear if I didn’t force him into a button-down shirt every now and then.

One item that was super easy for us to shop for were the kids’ shoes. We got these stylish pairs from has tons of designer brands just for children AND they add new styles monthly.

Julia picked out this super adorable leopard print lace up. She LOVES that there’s a little platform to it making her a smidge taller. (I know that’s the reason why I wear shoes with a heel!) AND being leopard print, they will be very trendy for fall. Animal print is always a hit once the hot summer months start to cool off.

Ivan went with a velcro sneaker. Sometimes he picks out shoes with a bold color, but he said this black and silver version will match everything in his closet. Smart little boy!

With summer quickly coming to a close and the new school year almost upon us, I’m glad we got a head start on our back-to-school shopping. These two kiddos are all set to work the runways, I mean, hallways. supplied Julia and Ivan each with a pair of shoes for this post. All opinions are my own.

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