How Did Moms Ever Survive Before Online Shopping?!

29 Mar 2017 Permalink

I’m not sure why, but it seems that as the years go by, there’s less time during the days. Why is time going FASTER?!?


To keep myself from going crazy, I try to stay as organized and on top of things as possible. I’m constantly making notes and adding things to my calendar. I have post-its all over my desk, inside my car, and floating around my purse.

But as prepared as I try to be, sometimes life just happens. And when life happens, I usually find myself looking on the internet for help.

This kid and her brother have already used up way too many of my sick days this year. Between ER visits and emergency trips to the dentist, If I catch some sort of deadly disease myself, I’ll be dying on my desk inside my classroom.

So when a new pair of glasses was needed, we had no time to make an appointment and go through that whole process again. Luckily we came across offers quality prescription glasses at affordable prices…and everything is done ONLINE! They have a ton of frames to choose from too. Julia spent a few minutes looking at the site, found a pair that she liked, and virtually tried them on.

After that, all I had to do was have our eye doctor send over her prescription and take a quick measurement of the distance between her pupils. (It was super simple!)

I was able to accomplish the whole order during my 25 minute lunch break! Yay!! I don’t even want to think of the hassle it would have been to get Julia new glasses any other way.

We ended up getting the glasses faster than I even remembered placing the order! And just like that, we were back to our regular chaotic schedule. gifted us a pair of eyeglasses for review. All opinions are my own.

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