The Ultimate Girl’s Birthday Party

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happy birthday

There’s nothing quite as exciting as turning another year older when you’re a kid! Parties, presents, birthday cake…who wouldn’t be looking forward to that?!

Every year I try to do something a little extra special for Julia’s birthday. She’s one of those kids whose birthday falls around Christmastime. (December birthdays, you know the pain!) Poor thing usually ends up getting the birthday-Christmas present combo. Insert eye-roll here.

craft time

party favors

This year she asked for a sleepover birthday party with her besties from school. And as soon as she asked, I was planning the night in my head. Julia had me beat though. She already created a list of activities WITH a timeline for the party. AND she had a menu planned…#girlboss.

With her almost 8-year-old brain coming up with a majority of the party planning, all I had to do was fill in the details.

fortune cookie


We wanted to make the party as special for her guests as it was for her, so we opted out on traditional goody bags and picked treats that the girls could really use.

I found these fun pajamas dresses, with matching PJs for dolls, and long patterned socks. On the night of the party, the girls played rounds of board games to determine who picked which pajama dress.

Julia also wanted to do manicures at the party. We picked up some adorable nail polishes at out favorite all-natural shop and decided to also hand those out to the girls once we were done painting nails.



We also got a few goodies from Seedling. Adorable sequins masks, felt fortune cookie coin pouches, and fun little camera kaleidoscopes were a BIG hit.

Also a big hit? A photo booth prop kit! Half the fun was creating the props. The girls painted and decorated little wooden glasses, hats, and accessories. The other part of the fun was the photo shoot! Highly recommended!!

This party was definitely one to remember!! In fact, Julia had such a fun night with her friends. She asked if we can all go to NYC for spring break. After I gave her the are-you-freaking-crazy look, she settled on having another sleepover party during the days off of school instead.

Seedling provided us with the sequins masks, coin pouches, camera kaleidoscopes, and photo booth prop kit. All opinions are our own. 

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