Fall Uniform: Jacket, Skinny Jeans & Booties

27 Oct 2016 Permalink

outfit for fall

distressed jeans

red jacket and backpack

ankle booties

outfit for fall

ankle booties

Every fall I find myself reaching for the same kinds of pieces…cute jackets, skinny jeans, and ankle booties that can take me from day to night. In fact, it’s a pretty solid uniform that I’ll probably exhaust until I need to bust out my heavy-duty outer wear.

Besides for making it easy for me to get dressed in the morning, this kind of uniform also makes it easy for running around with the kids. On this particular day, both kids had a doctors appointment…so we ended up treating ourselves to lunch, a little shopping trip, and a playground visit afterwards. Gotta make the most of our days together!

These booties from Rhea Footwear couldn’t be more perfect for a day on my feet! They are super comfortable, and the bottoms have these special NeverSlip soles. But as well as for being functional, they are stylish too! I love the little heel and the pointier toe. These babies are definitely going to be put to work this season!

Besides for wearing these ankle booties with distressed jeans, I’ve also worn them dressed up with black pants and a light sweater for work. As an elementary teacher, I’m usually on my feet aalllll day long. And once the dismissal bell rings, the afterschool running around begins. When I first wore these booties to work, it was a rainy day. Storms from morning until dinner time. But, I didn’t even notice the wetness with my feet! Usually dress shoes can become a little slippery, especially on the titled floor of the school, but I didn’t slip at all. I wish my pumps had the same NeverSlip soles as these puppies!

Jackets, skinnies, and ankle boots are such an easy and adorable uniform for fall. And with booties like these, it’s sure to be a winning combination!

jacket – Old Navy // t-shirt – Gap // jeans – Banana Republic // backpack – Aldo // booties – c/o Rhea Footwear

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