One Big Happy Back To School

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Back-to-school fashion

Back-to-school boys' fashion

Back-to-school girls' fashion

Back-to-school fashion

floral pants

boys sneakers

girls sneakers

Back-to-school fashion

I’m in serious shock. Not only has this summer FLOWN by with record speed, but my little guy is also starting Kindergarten this fall. KINDERGARTEN!

Someone pinch me.

I’m not gonna lie though. With the kids being the ages that they are, my life has been a smidge easier. Long gone are the diapers, the nighttime feedings, the constant dependence… Heck, these two even surprise me with breakfast sometimes.

One thing that Julia and Ivan still don’t mind me doing – and I’m hoping that I can do this for many, many years – is clothing shopping for them. I make sure that they have plenty of good clothes to choose from. The mornings flow so smoothly when the kids have options that they like hanging in their closets.

Gymboree is definitely one of my top places to shop for the kids’ wardrobes. Their clothing is beyond adorable, and it’s able to withstand the wear and tear of these two. That’s not easy to come by.

Recently I’m crushing on Gymboree even more! It isn’t always easy to drag the kids to the mall. I mean, they’re way more independent than they were during their toddler days, but I still hate shopping with them. It’s awful. Gymboree gets that. They’ve curated bundles, outfits hand-picked by style experts, so that online shopping for kiddos can be done seamlessly. Ready to wear outfits with a click of a button. It couldn’t get any easier!

The back-to-school bundles are beyond adorable! Obviously…it is Gymboree after all! Plus, the pieces in each bundle can easily mix and match with what the kids already have in their closets.

I can see Ivan dressing up or down his Every Wear Pant. (Bonus that the pants are lined with jersey for the cooler months.) Julia will get tons of use out of her Floral Gem Hoodie. She even mentioned wearing these floral leggings with her favorite winter boots. It makes me so proud that she’s able to put her own outfits together…Ivan just picks a random top and bottom when he dresses himself. Ha! Boys…

Gymboree gifted us everything you see here (minus Julia’s sunglasses), as part of their One Big Happy Back To School campaign. All opinions are my own.

Size note: Julia is 7 1/2 years old and is wearing a size 8 here. Ivan is just turning 5 and wearing a size 5. I know the clothes look a little big on him, but I’m sure he’ll fill them up soon enough.

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