ChapStick Therapy

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There are a few beauty staples that I always reach for. ChapStick is one of them.

I was obsessed with my Dr. Pepper ChapStick all throughout junior high. It smelled so good and kept my lips really soft. It even added just a touch of color which was perfect because Dad strictly enforced a “no makeup before 30” rule. I wasn’t allowed to wear real lipstick at that point, but a tinted balm made the cut.

And even now that I have no restrictions on makeup wearing, I’m still reaching for my favorite ChapSticks to keep my lips hydrated. Long gone are my Dr. Pepper days. Nowadays, I tend to use more of the classics like Cherry or Original.

I’ve also been testing out some of the tropical versions like Aloha Coconut and Mango Sunrise. I actually keep those two ChapSticks in the drawer of my desk at work. I obviously use them on my lips, but they also provide me with a little aromatherapy. The coconut and mango scents take me away to a place that’s more relaxing than a room filled with 8-year-olds who can’t keep their hands to themselves. The only thing that’s missing is a drink with one of those tiny umbrellas.

The ChapStick® product, information and gift have been provided by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All opinions are my own. 

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