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amazing beauty products

I’ve kinda been revamping everything from my diet habits to the products that I use on my body. I started by tossing or finishing up everything that I truly didn’t like. Then I asked about, researched, and shopped for things that better fit my needs and wants.

These products that I’m about to share are ones that I wholeheartedly enjoy! They’re the type of things that I would gush about to my girlfriends…and now I’d like to share them with you.

natural hair products

I had been using hair oils to help hydrate my hair and protect it from heat exposure. Unfortunately, those oils were causing me to breakout along my jawline. I was so pissed when I realized what was happening. I loved those oils…but NOT at the expense of my face.

So, I decided to check out my favorite health food shop and search their beauty section. I figured that something with natural ingredients might be better for my skin.

I’ve been using 2 Chic Blackberry & Coconut Milk Ultra-Repair Leave-In Conditioning & Styling Elixir and Desert Essence Coconut Hair Defrizzer & Heat Protector as needed for about two months now and I love them both! My jawline is looking MUCH better! Plus, besides for my hair getting the conditioning and heat protection that it needs, it smells super yummy.

dry shampoo

On days when I don’t wash my hair, I stick with this Root Reboot Dry Shampoo from Pantene. I’ve been enjoying this product so much that I actually look forward to not washing my hair! I mean, I’ve tried many dry shampoos before, but this one really eliminates the extra oil. I also really like how it adds some texture and lift to my hair. Sometimes I even use it just for the purpose of adding some volume to my locks.


Back in October, I had my makeup professionally done (first time EVER!) for a wedding I was standing up in. Whenever I have the chance to talk with a beauty professional, I just have to pick her brain. Besides for sharing some awesome makeup tips while she was working her magic to make me look gorgeous, this makeup artist told me that her all-time favorite foundation was Make Up Forever Ultra HD.

Up until that time, I was using a foundation that I felt kinda blah about. The color wasn’t really matching to my skin tone as much as I wanted it to, and it really didn’t seem to last all day. So when I finished the bottle of the blah stuff, I quickly went to Sephora to try out the Make Up Forever Ulta HD shades. Instant love! The sales girl was super helpful. She gave me enough of a sample so that I could try the foundation out before buying. But after one full day of wearing it, I placed an order.

herbal tea

This last of my favorites was something that I came across on Instagram. I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love myself a great cup of tea. Especially tea that provides a little something “extra”…

This loose tea from Tea Kitten claims to make your lady parts smell fresh and taste good. So for some reason over winter break, I decided to order myself this magical tea and give it a try. If you are planning on using it for a special night, make sure to follow the directions. A certain amount of ounces needs to be consumed at least 48 hours before hand. Buuuutt, besides for the tea itself actually tasting delicious, it truly done work. Scouts honor.

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