A Twist On A Classic

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I’ve been pinning like crazy recently. Not too many fashion related pictures though, it’s more along the lines of interior design stuff. For my next house, I’m thinking about pulling inspiration from the mid-century era and adding current elements to it. I could probably blame this whole idea on my binge watching of Mad Men on Netflix, but something always seems to catch my eye when there’s a spin on classics.

This watch from JORD falls into the classic-with-a-twist category. Usually when people think about the material that watches are made out of, they think metal. Jord watches though, are crafted from wood.

One of the benefits I’ve found from wearing a watch made out of wood, is that it’s incredibly light! I can barely tell that it’s on my wrist. Such a pleasant treat during these hotter days of summer.

My little guy was completely shocked to find that mommy’s watch was wooden! He found it on my dresser and started to knock on it as if it were a door. And then he proceeded to claim it and wore it around the house for the afternoon. I guess Julia isn’t the only style thief anymore!

Jord provided me with a watch for review. All opinions are my own.

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