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27 Oct 2014 Permalink

If you’ve been around fashion blogs during the past few weeks, you might have noticed this Tour Through Blogland thing going around.  It’s where one blogger introduces three new bloggers to her readers…a great way to showcase all the talent in blogland!

Last Monday, Janise from Mama in Heels nominated me as one of her favorite fashionistas.  I was obviously honored to be included in her top three!  And as a mom of twin boys, I definitely admire her for staying so gorgeous and stylish during motherhood!!

Though I’m not really one to follow the rules exactly, I do want to introduce you to my favorite fashion-forward mamas that I enjoy following on Instagram.

Must-follow @amandromeda on instagram!  Love her vintage-inspired style! |

Who:  Amanda

Why you should follow her:  Amanda has been around the internet for a while.  I started following her back when she had her style blog…now she’s running a lifestyle blog.  I got hooked because of her love of vintage pieces!  Plus, she puts together killer outfits!!  Check out Amanda’s Instagram account here.

Must-follow @rhiannon.lorenzo on instagram!  Love her 70s-inspired style! |

Who:  Rhiannon

Why you should follow her:  I love Rhiannon’s sense of humor, her love of Target, and the her gypsy style!  In fact, when she rebranded to A Modern GypsyI had to complement her on the awesome name choice!  If you live in a place with cooler seasons, you’ll want to follow Rhiannon…she’s located in Florida and is always making me jealous of her denim cutoffs (and Disney pictures!!)  Check out Rhiannon’s Instagram account here.

Must-follow @webewearing on instagram!  Love their laid-back style! |

Who: Three hot mamas from Canada

Why you should follow them: I just came across this Instagram account the other week and was blow away!  These three moms – who have a total of seven kids – document their momiform outfits daily.  I love the personal style that shines through their effort-less, practical outfits!!  Follow We Be Wearing on Instagram here!

If you have any must-follow accounts on Instagram, I’d love to know about them!  Feel free to share in the comments!!

  • Nada Manley
    October 28, 2014

    Love checking out what stylish moms where every day! Great post!

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