How to Easily Elevate an Outfit

18 Oct 2014 Permalink

The other day, one of my co-workers and I were talking about how much of a hassle shopping for clothes can be.  I probably shop once a month – if even – and I try to keep the experience as stress-free as possible.  Finding the right sizes and the right styles that you’re looking for can be a real pain!  So I make sure that when I do buy clothes, they can mix and match really well with whatever is already in my closet.

But when I don’t feel like shopping (or if I don’t have the time or energy!) I rely on an easier way to update my looks.  Accessories can really change up a look.  And if you combine creative styling with a timeless wardrobe, you’ll be set for life.

I love using statement necklaces to accessorize my outfits.  They look perfect with everything from t-shirts to evenings dresses.  I even love wearing a statement necklace with a silk tank and pencil skirt for work.

statement necklace outfits | KnockedUpFabulous.comThese outfits from Grace, Kajsa, and Hallie are great!  All three outfits would look completely chic without any jewelry, but with the statement necklaces a level of sophistication and glamour is added.

I typically tend to stick with gold-tone necklaces, but I have some fun-colored statement pieces coming my way!

bauble bar | KnockedUpFabulous.comI’m so excited to be getting the Rumba Gem Collar Necklace and the Candy Floss Gem Collar Necklace from BaubleBar!  They will look great worn individually, or even layered with another gold necklace.  But I think I’m going to first wear them layered together.  (Like Hallie did with her gray outfit!)  I’m still undecided on what I’m going to wear them with.  But as the days get darker for fall, I’m looking for anyway to add a little more “sunshine” into my day and these two beauties are perfect!


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