Back to Work Outfit | Printed Tank & Pencil Skirt

18 Aug 2014 Permalink

work outfit | printed tank and a pencil skirt

If you haven’t already heard me complaining, school is back in session.  This is my tenth year as an educator and as much as I love teaching, it never gets easier.

work outfit | printed tank and a pencil skirt

work outfit | printed tank and a pencil skirt

work outfit | printed tank and a pencil skirt

I think the key to anything (especially the key to not blowing your mind and going crazy!) is to be organized.  Last week I posted this picture on Instagram and Facebook showing how I prepare my outfits for the week.

a week's worth of work outfits

Some people were a little shocked that I actually take the time to plan my outfits for the week, but let me tell you, it’s time worth spent!  It’s so nice to wake up in the morning and already have an outfit ready.  I find if I don’t prepare like this, then I end up wearing something that doesn’t make me happy and I just feel blah all day.  Some people need coffee to keep them going…I just need a cute outfit.

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  • Porcelina
    August 18, 2014

    Another fab look, always so ‘put together’. I plan my outfits the night before, but might try doing a whole week at a time as you suggest, as I don’t always wear lots of different things and tend to reach for the tried-and-tested options. I do find here in the UK we always have the element of surprise with the weather to factor in as well, so you may well think ‘oh I’ll wear that sundress on Friday’, but by Thursday it’s turned into an arctic freeze! P x

  • jenny moyett
    August 18, 2014

    I love how you plan your outfits a week in advance! I wish I was that disciplined. Ha!

    Have a great school year!


  • Thriftanista in the City
    August 18, 2014

    Love the top! I think I will have to do some planning as V will be starting preschool. It’s very early in the morning. I am not a morning person and I do not want to be the mom dropping kid off in pjs.

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