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cute vintage romper updated with a simple hem | @Aprilgia

If you pay any attention to fashion, then you know that trends are cyclical.  A perfect example of this is a romper.  Rompers used to be huge!  Then they died down.  And now they’re back again.  One great thing about thrifting is that you can often find those items that have been in the spotlight.  The only thing that’s left to do then is bring them up to date.  While rompers (and their cousin the jumpsuit) were big in past decades, you wouldn’t want to wear a romper straight out of your mom’s or grandma’s closet.  You would too dated…well, unless that was the look you were going for.

Remember when I shared about updating a vintage blouse?  You can do the same type of hemming job to update a vintage romper!


Now, I’m so sewing expert, but a basic hem is something that even I can do.  (Thanks 8th grade Home Economics class!)  Updating this romper was super easy!  I just figured out how short I wanted the bottom to be, hacked off a few inches, and hemmed it!  I got this whole “project” done in less than 45 minutes.

cute vintage romper updated with a simple hem | @Aprilgia

cute vintage romper updated with a simple hem | @Aprilgia

I think it looks adorable!  It ended up being the perfect thing to wear for my family reunion and I got tons of complements on it!

So what do you think?  Do you have any potential gems in your closet that can be updated with a simple needle and thread?  If you’re new to the whole sewing business, check out this wonderful tutorial on how to hand sew a hem.

cute vintage romper updated with a simple hem | @Aprilgia

  • Rebecca Henreckson
    August 2, 2014

    I’m not usually much into rompers, but this one is adorable! Perfect length, perfect pattern, and perfect styling. This is a really great look!

    • aprilgia
      August 4, 2014

      Thanks so much, Rebecca! I’m really happy with how the hemming updated this romper!

  • paige / house of ginger
    August 7, 2014


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