Finding Your Personal Style | Part 1

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Great tips for finding your own personal style!  Gotta try this!

One of the reasons why I love fashion so much is because it’s a way to showcase your personality.  It’s pretty easy to tell who has mastered finding their personal style, but for many people, it’s something that is kinda hard to do.  (It’s taken me a few years!)

Before we start talking about finding style, let’s take a second to understand why having personal style is so important…

  1. Personal style is a great way to show off your individuality.
  2. It can be a fun way to explore your creative side.
  3. When you have style, it shows that you care about your appearance.
  4. Studies have shown that when people put effort into their appearance, they are more successful.

That sounds like common sense, right?

True story…the kids and I took a trip to the mall and I saw a 40-year-old woman and her teenage daughter both wearing pajama pants and house slippers!  Seriously?!  I’m all for being comfortable, but there has got to be a line between what you wear to bed and what you wear in PUBLIC.


Well, I doubt those two are reading this (or any) fashion blog, but if I can provide a little guidance with someone somewhere, then I’ll be a happy lady.

The first part to finding personal style is becoming aware of what you like.  And this is my favorite…it just requires you to look at pictures!  Go to your local magazine stand and pick up a handful of fashion magazines.  Then, by yourself, start looking through the pages and tearing out pictures that inspire you.

Inspire your personal style from magazine clippings!  So old school, but I love it!

Two things to point out…

One, don’t do this part on Pinterest.  Pinterest is great and all for inspiration, but there are too many other factors that might persuade you to like something.  The point is to look at an outfit or piece of clothing to see if it’s something that you like.  Also, you might want to tear out things that don’t fit your taste.  Sometimes I find what I like by eliminating the things that I don’t.

Go ahead and give this exercise a try!  (Then stay tuned for next week’s part 2.)  This really helps pinpoint – or at least narrow down – your taste of style.  I’m more of a casual glam with a touch of masculine girl.  What’s your personal style?

Ready to move onto Part 2?  Click here!

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  • Zurainny Ismail
    July 23, 2014

    I love looking at women mags but they can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. It’s so hard to choose! 😀

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