2-Way Logo T-Shirt DIY

07 Feb 2014 Permalink

logo t-shirt diy

I’ve been feeling like doing a little diy project.  Creating these logo prints was such an easy task!   I had picked up a pack of men’s Hanes t-shirts the other week, and I already had some freezer paper in my cabinet from this anchor tee project.

logo t-shirt diy

I started by printing out the letters KUF in a large size.  Then I traced them onto freezer paper.

If you have never worked with freezer paper before, it’s rather easy.  It’s basically parchment paper with wax on one side.  (You can find it in the kitchen aisle of the grocery store.)  When you trace your image, keep in mind that the wax side will be the side that touches whatever fabric you use.

Once your logo or other image is cut out, iron it onto your fabric.  Then paint away!

logo t-shirt diy

Make sure to have some sort of cardboard or divider protecting the front of your shirt from the back.  That fabric paint will soak through the layers.

logo t-shirt diy

This solid KUF was what I had originally intended to do, but after cutting the letters out of the freezer paper, I realized that I was able to make two logo t-shirts.

logo t-shirt diy

logo t-shirt diy

I really liked how both of these t-shirts turned out!  I have some up-coming blogging events that they will be perfect for.

The nice thing about using freezer paper is that you can design or trace whatever image you want.  There’s so many possibilities for custom t-shirts.

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