Floppy Hat DIY

04 Apr 2012 Permalink

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I saw an image of a floppy beach hat with bright trim…and then the following day I came across this basic hat at Target‘s Dollar Spot (for $2.50) and a quick diy was born…

Supplies need: floppy hat, large bowl, bag from dry cleaning, rubber glove, spray paint in color of choice, and tape.

Put the large bowl into the dry cleaning bag and tape bag so that it doesn’t slide around.

Position bowl over the hat.

Spray paint.  (Note…it’s probably best to do this on a flat surface.  Grass = not flat = some paint out of the lines…arg!)

Let dry.

I’m pretty sure that Target had this hat in at least two other shades…might have to head back there soon.  A fair skinned gal can never have enough sun protection in the summer time!



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